Back to School Tips

Back to School

The back to school period is a great time for parents to check the fitting of their child’s backpack and by making a few simple changes may help prevent poor posture and long-term spinal health issues.

“Back to school” tips from Dr Mark

1. School Bags and School Shoes
School Bags – Ensure your child has the correct size school bag, straps positioned equally and the bags centre of gravity as low as possible (eg put the heavy items in first) IMPORTANT the bags weight isn’t heavier than 10% of your child’s weight .
Shoes – Spend the money and get the good shoes… You think getting cheaper shoes will save you but in the long run you will purchase more shoes. PLUS, your child’s feet are developing and poor footwear can lead to future problems, improper gait and back problems.

2. Immune System
As we enter back into the school yard, our kids become exposed to flu and viruses. Keep on top of their little immune systems by adding extra Fruit and Vegetables in their lunchbox. Make sure they are getting to bed on time and having exercise.

3. Adjustments
Just like you have your dentist check your child’s teeth… a chiropractic adjustment can help them develop as they grow.  “As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree!”

4. School Lunches
In order to learn our kids need to be nourished well. Filling their lunchboxes with Fresh Fruit and Veges and nutritious food will give them the best opportunity to learn and keep their concentration.

5. Kids Sport
Injuries are more common theses days in children . Whether it be netball, soccer, rugby or nippers, incorrect healing from these aches and sprains (growing pains also). Regular Chiropractic checkups will keep them on the right path.

School can be a challenging time for children, so ensuring they are as comfortable as possible is important to their physical and mental development. We have your back with these handy backpack tips:

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For any help, issues or concerns about the fitting of your child’s backpack, or for that matter the health and development of your growing child please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like a complimentary Shoe Check or Bag Check please enquire when you make your next appointment with Dr Mark.