Curing Women’s Greatest Illnesses

Hands Holding Earth
by Nimrod Weiner

A brand new study surveyed 10,000 women across Australia aged 18 to 80 on their physical and mental health concerns. It turned up some concerning findings:
• More than 40% of women had been previously diagnosed with anxiety or depression (how many are undiagnosed or “subclinical”?)
• A concerning number had trouble sleeping
• A concerning number reported excessive worrying
• 60% are not active enough
• 60% are overweight
• The biggest barriers to exercise were “being too tired”, “not having enough time”, not having people to exercise with, and feeling unsafe exercising in their local neighbourhood
• The survey director suggested the particularly high rates of anxiety among younger women could be linked to new “expectations” of social media, added on top of everyday stress.
• The survey director commented that “more women are working than ever before, so the concept of this work-life balance can… just make you feel guilty.”
• The biggest health concerns of women across all ages were menopause, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, bowel health and painful sex
• The biggest health concerns of younger women were concerns about fertility, endometriosis and breast cancer

From a chiropractic perspective, we lose our ability to be healthy, to function well, and to adapt to life’s stressors, when those stressors become overwhelming for us. That, in fact, makes us even more fragile and more susceptible to life’s stressors. And so it accumulates and accelerates.

Chiropractic is not a treatment. It’s not here to relieve aches and pains, or to fix or treat or attempt to cure anything.

But, subluxations will impact the person’s biomechanical function, neurological function, and their ability to adapt. Subluxations also impact a person’s ability to be in a good state of harmony. The effects of the subluxations will in themselves create a stressor load, confusing the brain’s ability to understand what’s going on, and to respond as effectively as possible.

It seems that many women are struggling to balance the stressors that our modern lifestyle is loading on them, and loading on at an accelerating rate. And many may not know a way out of it. Lacking hope and overwhelmed by stress (physical, chemical and mental/emotional), it’s easy to understand why there’s an increased rate of anxiety, depression, bad sleep, poor reproductive organ function and immune system function.

Chiropractic is not going to attempt to treat any of these conditions. It is not a cure for any of these illnesses. But, by being less subluxated, it can offer women the ability to function better, and to respond to the stressors in their life in a better way.

Chiropractic can offer a greater state of harmony and coherence.

What better choices can we make when we’re functioning better? What healthier lifestyle steps do we choose when we’re better aware of what stressors we actually have and what they’re doing to us?

What life is possible as a result of that?

Chiropractic can offer real hope to so many people, by offering a different paradigm and the ability to adapt and function more effectively.

Being subluxation-free will go a long way to shifting the health of our communities.