Encouraging Kids to Play Outside with Pets

Encouraging kids to play outside with pets

Encouraging Kids to Play Outside with Pets

With the increase of ‘digital play’, encouraging children to spend time outside is becoming more and more important. Most animals naturally want to go outside. Can they be an inspiration for your children?

Dog walks
Most dog owners will know that even at the mere mention of the word ‘walk’, or by just reaching for the lead, their dogs will bolt towards the door. Dogs love going outside and exploring. Encourage your children to do the same. A great way to do this is by finding new and exciting walks to take your dog on. If you’ve done the local ‘round the block’ a thousand times, mix it up. Find a new park, nearby dog friendly beach or bushwalk.

Backyard play
There are plenty of ways to engage your pets and children in your very own backyard. Try playing a game of fetch, have the children create an obstacle course for your guinea pig cat or rabbit, have your children hide treats around the garden for your pets to find. They key is to have children be part of the activity. Keep them engaged by having them think up games, puzzles and activities for your pets. Of course, always supervise and ensure it’s safe for them and the pets.

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With a little bit of direction, you can lead children to a fascinating world in your very own garden. Most gardens have tonnes of wildlife from bugs to birds. Have your children draw wildlife they see, write down every time they find a new species or make up stories using the wildlife they find. If you don’t have much wildlife in your garden you can attract some! There are many ways to do this depending on where you live.

Being active and getting outdoors greatly benefits all of us, but children especially. It’s all too easy to be on a device and miss out on the great outdoors, not to mention exercise and physical activity.